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Title: Kindred: The D'vine Prophecy
For: [ profile] spn_reversebang
Artist: [ profile] dollarformyname
Author: [ profile] reggie11
Word Count: Approx 14,700
Rating: M for adult themes
Warning: Non explicit references to sexual assault, and war.
Pairing: (Main) Jared/Jensen, (Secondary) Genevieve/Danneel
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. The actors' personas are being used for playing the roles of characters in my imagination and bears no resemblance to real life. No offence is intended and no money is being made. The story and all original characters belong to me. Do not reproduce, repost, or archive without my express permission.
Summary: The Sacred Tree and the Lake which sustains it are the most important things of all within the Kingdom of Lux. The Tree is the reason the land is so fertile. The Tree is the reason the crops never fail. The Tree is the reason that faerie magic is the strongest of all. The Lake is the lifeblood of the Tree, and the lifeblood of their race. When centuries of peace is under threat, an ancient prophecy foretells the fate of the kingdom will lie on the tiny shoulders of two young Fae. When J'red, along with his Amazon warrior allies and best friends, Gen'vieve and D'neel, rescue Jens'n from a Goblin attack, neither faerie has any idea of how much their lives are about to change.

Author's Notes: I was insanely excited to participate in my first Reverse Bang, even moreso when I managed to snag the beautiful art submitted by the incredibly talented [ profile] dollarformyname. I had an epic story planned and mapped out, and then real life slammed me with a couple of pretty huge personal crises, including my mother being quite badly injured in a car wreck and needing me to take care of her. Needless to say, the fic got put on the backburner. This isn't the story I wanted to write, but it is part of it. This fic can and does stand alone, but it is also hopefully the beginning of a much bigger work, one that will take the characters on a much darker journey, but that's for another day. This is fantasy, romance, magic and mythical creatures, with a healthy dash of schmoop. I hope my fabulous artist likes what her art inspired. I'm thrilled beyond words at all of the art she provided. She rocks! Go to her art masterpost and shower her with adoring praise, her work is fabulous!!

A huge thank you to my betas [ profile] herminekurotowa and [ profile] fufaraw who had the most ridiculously small turnaround time and came through in spades. I love your faces, ladies! You've improved this fic by a country mile. I've fiddled and tweaked it due to a whopping formatting glitch so any mistakes remaining are solely my own. Also, thanks also goes out to
[ profile] milly_gal, [ profile] meus_venator, and [ profile] firesign10 for all of your support and feedback. PS: I apologise for the lack of porn. I accidentally deleted the smokin' hot sex scene and didn't have time to rewrite it, but...thanks to a suggestion by [ profile] fufaraw, there will be a couple of timestamps. One of which will be the missing love scene :)

Link to art ││ Part One  ││ Part Two

Link to AO3: Coming soon!
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Genre: J2, CWRPS
Rating: NC17
Pairing/Characters: Jared/Jensen, OFC
Disclaimer: The actors belong to themselves, I just cast them in roles. the only things I own are the story and any original characters.
Author's Notes: Sorry this is a bit late. I'm having internet connection issues. The universe hates me. I wish I would have had time to smooth the rough edges off this but I use Word online so when my internet goes down, it goes with it and I didn't want to wait any longer to post.

This Could Be the Start of Something Good - Part 6

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Genre: J2, CWPRS
Rating: M
Pairing/characters: Jared/Jensen, Chris Kane, Travis Wester, Chad Lindburg, Amber Benson
Disclaimer: The actors belong to themselves, I've just cast them in roles. The only thing I own is the story.
Author's Notes: I'm deeply sorry for the extended hiatus on this fic. I have been extremely unwell, and although I'm still not good, it's not fair to leave everyone hanging. I'm going to try my best to update once a week. I can't set a scheduled day as my health is far too unpredictable but it won't go over two weeks between chapters, even if I have to write the damn thing from my sick bed. For those that have asked, the picture of Jensen in the banner is a manipulation I made and it's not Jensen's body but that of a model. No offense intended to Jensen.
This Could Be the Start of Something Good - Part 5

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Rating: NC17
Pairing/characters: Jared/Jensen, Christian Kane, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Word Count:
Warnings: lapdances and horny boys abound.
Author's Notes: I'm pretty new to the whole writing porn thing having done only two het and one wincest story previously so, you know, I hope it doesn't suck. I've never had a lapdance so the description is from my ultra-vivid imagination and I can't promise it will sound believable. Also, should I do more art seeing as this is obviously no longer the one-shot that I originally intended? Let me know what you think. Now onto the porn!
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Title: This Could be the Start of Something Good.
Genre: J2 CWRPS
Rating: R for this chapter
Pairing/characters: Jared/Jensen, Christian Kane, Chad Michael Murray, Justin Hartley
Warnings: So sweet it may rot your teeth.
Author's Notes: I'm evil, I know. Why, you ask? Read the chapter. To make it up to you the next chapter will be NC17 ;)
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Rating: M
Genre: RPS AU
Characters/ Pairings: Jared/Jensen, Chad Michael Murray
Word Count: approx 3800
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: This story in no way represents the actors' real lives. I think of them as actors cast in the roles of fictional characters and the story is strictly AU. Don't own anything but my own words.

Author’s Notes: This chapter is rated M mainly for language but the story will progress to NC-17 in the next chapter.

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