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Rating: NC17
Pairing/characters: Jared/Jensen, Christian Kane, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Word Count:
Warnings: lapdances and horny boys abound.
Author's Notes: I'm pretty new to the whole writing porn thing having done only two het and one wincest story previously so, you know, I hope it doesn't suck. I've never had a lapdance so the description is from my ultra-vivid imagination and I can't promise it will sound believable. Also, should I do more art seeing as this is obviously no longer the one-shot that I originally intended? Let me know what you think. Now onto the porn!
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Title: This Could be the Start of Something Good.
Genre: J2 CWRPS
Rating: R for this chapter
Pairing/characters: Jared/Jensen, Christian Kane, Chad Michael Murray, Justin Hartley
Warnings: So sweet it may rot your teeth.
Author's Notes: I'm evil, I know. Why, you ask? Read the chapter. To make it up to you the next chapter will be NC17 ;)
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Rating: M
Genre: RPS AU
Characters/ Pairings: Jared/Jensen, Chris Kane, Chad Michael Murray, David Boreanaz, Paul Johannson, Michael Trevino
Word Count: 4500
Warnings: Contains non-graphic attempted non-con, language.
Disclaimer: This story in no way represents the actors' real lives. I think of them as actors cast in the roles of fictional characters and the story is strictly AU. Don't own anything but my own words.

Author’s Notes: Just a little pre-slash fic that popped into my head. It was written as a one-shot but if people want to see more, I kind of like these characters so I wouldn’t be averse to continuing their story into slash. So if you’d like to see more just let me know.
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