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I was just having a quick peek at some of the [ profile] spn_masquerade fills and there was an awesome art fill for a prompt where they drew Jared as a blonde twink stripper (hot!). Run and look here, it's gorgeous!

It made me wonder what he would actually look like as a blonde, so I photoshopped him *g*. I made blonde!Jared and a blonde twink!Jared. The former looks kind of Nordic and the latter had me quoting Zoolander. I might've "borrowed" Cate Blanchett's hair, lol! I seriously need a life.


Eric the Viking and Zoolander *ROFLMAO* He actually looks kind of hot in the first one, but I prefer him with his luscious chestnut locks.
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Some more fun to get us through Hellatus. I know a lot of you out there are huge fans of The Avengers, and Game of Thrones, so these should give you a good belly laugh. The first video is a bad lip reading of The Avengers as a bunch of trailer trash rednecks, and the second is Game of Thrones as a renaissance fair theme park movie trailer, and they're hilarious! Medieval Fun-time World has been around for a while so you may have already seen it, but The Avengers parody is new.

The work that must have gone into them is amazing. It really does look like it's exactly what is being said. Powdered Sugaaaah! Enjoy!

Food porn!

Nov. 14th, 2014 11:14 am
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I saw this over on Twitter and sniggered like a thirteen year old schoolboy. It came with the caption, "Do you think these are safe to eat?" I responded with, "They'd probably taste like ass." Which got me favorited by someone called Captain Ass Eater O.o

And the mushroom pick-up probably went like this...

Mushroom one: "Hey there big boy, want to play?"

Mushroom two: "Sure why not, you look like a fungi!"

Yeah, yeah...groan.

EDIT: And now, because [ profile] meus_venator made me, I posted a short mushroom porn ficlet here over at [ profile] j2_crack. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I wrote fungus porn.

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I posted a hilarious GIF a little while ago and [ profile] amber1960 said it looked like it was part of a longer video so I went on a search, and lo and behold I found it! Also NSFW, so it's under a cut again.
So without further ado, here is Wanted Melody.

In the Wild West we follow the comings and goings of a cocky cowboy who falls in love with a Diva.
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I just stumbled across this GIF and I can't stop laughing. It's genius and hilarious! It's also NSFW so I've had to put it under a cut.

It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase Clever Dick!



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If you haven't found the fabulously cute comm [ profile] spn_on_parade then you're missing out on all the fun. There's lots of weekly shenanigans with mini Team Free Will that will put a huge smile on your face. Go take a look!

Today I discovered I'd I won this week's caption comp (below), so I thought I'd say thank you to the mods properly with the help of mini Dean. Pic under the cut.

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