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I was just having a quick peek at some of the [ profile] spn_masquerade fills and there was an awesome art fill for a prompt where they drew Jared as a blonde twink stripper (hot!). Run and look here, it's gorgeous!

It made me wonder what he would actually look like as a blonde, so I photoshopped him *g*. I made blonde!Jared and a blonde twink!Jared. The former looks kind of Nordic and the latter had me quoting Zoolander. I might've "borrowed" Cate Blanchett's hair, lol! I seriously need a life.


Eric the Viking and Zoolander *ROFLMAO* He actually looks kind of hot in the first one, but I prefer him with his luscious chestnut locks.
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As you all probably know, I attended the All Hell Breaks Loose Convention in Sydney on the weekend. I was so excited when I bought my ticket because I was finally going to meet Jared, and then poor Jared had to cancel due to running himself ragged. It was massively disappointing, but his health and wellbeing is far more important so hopefully he'll make it out to Australia next year.

I've been working on this forever because I'm seriously the slowest person ever to make art. But this is what I was going to take in to have him sign for me if I worked up enough courage without dying of embarrassment. I screwed up his hair and the more I tried, the worse I made it so I just thought to hell with it, it's done. Otherwise I'd fiddle around with it for another month! The original is kind of huge and a much higher resolution because I wanted to have it signed by the man himself and then hang it on my wall. I still might hang it anyway, and if Jared eventually makes his way to Oz then I'll try to get him to sign it, or I might have done another that I like better by then :)

I wanted something really bright and colourful rather than going for realistic tones, but I may have gone a teensy bit overboard with the yellow and made him look jaundiced, lol.

This is the photo I used for his face which I nabbed off Pinterest quite a while ago so I have no idea who the original poster was.

And this is the pic I based the eye colour on because they look freaking amazing in this photo, which is an edit by Wellcometothedarkside on tumblr.
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I made a new schmaltzy, corny banner for my journal. Well I made a couple of versions so I may have to rotate them. Fa la la la la!

Sam - art

Nov. 10th, 2014 01:15 am
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This is something I've been working with on and off for a month or so. I draw pathetically slowly. I decided to try something a little different and this is what happened. I was inspired by a painting of Sam by the wonderfully talented [ profile] vongue. I liked her use of shading and the brown colour palette, and thought I'd give heavy shading with a palette of browns, black, and white a go. I'm not sure I was very successful, but...*shrugs* I kept playing with it and changing stuff and every time I look at it I see something else that needs fixing. I decided I was never going to be completely happy with it and declared it done. I wanted something stark that emphasised his exotic features, with really obvious paint strokes, but now I think he kind of looks like a vampire. I don't think white was a good choice, lol!

I love him with facial hair but it truly is a bitch to work with so I think I'm going to have him clean-shaven next.

Sorry about the enormous and intrusive signature but so many people keep getting their art nabbed and their signatures cropped off. My source photo was this promo pic from from the TV Guide Comic Con cover.
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Just a little manip I made a while ago as part of the banner for my This Could Be the Start of Something Good fic with Jensen as a stripper. I decided to give it a dramatic background and add the anti-possession tatt to make it pic of Dean. I was messing around on my DeviantArt page and realised that I hadn't posted it here on LJ, so here it is - a little eye candy for you.

The body is that of model Justin Sampson which has been used for previous manips of Jensen but I really liked Jensen's expression in the pic I chose to use.

Full size pic below the cut
There's a little glimpse of pubes showing but other than that it's SFW.

clicky for piccie... )

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I posted this to Deviantart a while back and though maybe I should post it here as well. I painted this late last year and it's become my favourite art piece. It's based on a a photo that you've probably all seen by now, and it's definitely one of my favourite photos of Jared of all time. All of the digital paintings I have done have been of him, so I guess you can say he is my art muse.

Here's a little teaser. Full pic below cut.

Click for pic )
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Sam and Cas Go to Vegas - Art Masterpost

Another entry in the 2013 Sastiel Big Bang, this time I've done the art for a story by the lovely [ profile] paperwaster1. A sweet tale of healing and the growing relationship between Sam and Castiel set in Season 8 with Sam weak because of the trials. Lots of lovely awkwardness ensues.

Fic Masterpost: here

Summary: Stir crazy after too many days in the bunker with an overprotective Dean, Sam and Cas Go to Vegas for a little R&R. They get that along with a visit from an old friend and perhaps some feelings they didn't expect.

First off is the banner. I chose neon because it's Vegas baby!

For the rest, click here... )
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Elements of Journalism or: How to Win Friends and Alienate Your Superiors - Art Masterpost

Well this is my first foray into the world of Big Bang and I was truly lucky to choose what turned out to be a fantastic story by the wonderfully talented [ profile] story_monger When I read it, (I was lucky enough to play beta as well) I was blown away. Not only is it incredibly well written, it has a great mix of mystery, drama, office politics and family tensions...alongside a truly charming burgeoning relationship between Sam and Castiel. Even though the story is an AU, the author has managed to weave in elements from the show with subtle nuance and the whole thing is so incredibly clever. I seriously would recommend reading it, and not just because I made the art, it's a fantastic story.

Fic Masterpost: Here

Synopsis: Sam Winchester needs a job. He's a news reporter who recently stepped down from his comfortable position with the Los Angeles Times after his mix-up in a questionable case of journalism ethics. Luckily for him, his brother and Bobby think they can snag him a job at the New Eldritch Herald, a small-town newspaper in the middle of Kansas. And they do. And Sam meets Castiel Novak: the photography editor who everyone agrees resembles the Grumpy Cat meme. Several things happen after that: Sam and Cas develop a friendship, Cas keeps photographing everything, Dean and Sam try to figure out how to be brothers again, Sam starts to realize Editor-in-Chief Michael Alef sort of hates him, and everyone partakes in a hefty dose of vigilante journalism.

First off is the banner. I chose sepia tones and made the fonts an important part of it to give it a writing/journalistic feel. The animation wasn't part of the original plan but I was making some animated gifs and wondered if I could somehow incorporate animation into the banner. I liked how it worked out.

Here are the chapter dividers which include images that represent both the writing (Sam) and photography (Cas) aspects plus the small town newspaper they work for. The remainder of the dividers are notepaper, pen and handwriting.

And lastly, I wanted to make something where I could include a few images of some of the other important characters to finish things off. I tried it first with the same sepia tones but the images just looked wrong so although it differs in feel, I still think it fits and I have to say, this was the image that was the most fun to pull together. I loved making the individual photos to try and fit the story and flex my manip muscles.

I'm really proud to have worked on this fic. Story_monger is a joy to work with, she let me have complete control of where I wanted to take the art and I hope she likes how it all worked out. Playing beta for her was great too because I loved the story so much and she is such a talented writer. Now, if you haven't already read the story - go read it now! You won't be disappointed.
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[ profile] fandomaid is running a Buy It Now fundraiser for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. I'm offering to do some digital paintings to see if I can help raise some cash. If you want to participate in the fundraising, click on the pic above. If you'd like to purchase one of my pieces click here.

To purchase a painting you need to follow the directions to donate to the appeal. Once it's confirmed I'll be in contact with you to talk about what you'd like. I'm offering to paint the actor or character of your choice from any fandom. If you have any questions before committing to buy, just ask.

If you'd like to see what I do, you can check out some of my art here.

There are some really great authors and artists offering up fics, art, icons etc. You should take a look!

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I'm absolutely thrilled to bits to have provided the new banner for the Abused Sammy community. Hurt Sam is one of my favourite things to read and write so it's a great pleasure to be part of the community in this way. I've posted the painting before but here it is as a banner. I really like it and I hope you do too.


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Just a few pieces of art of Jared / Sam that I've done over the past couple of months. I'm kind of pleased with how they turned out.

For more art click here... )
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These are the two pieces I did for a prompt on [ profile] ohsam

The prompt was 1. psych ward, 2. Dean, God-stiel, 3. Sam is institutionalized after the events of 6.22. (I added Lucifer to fit the fic written by [ profile] of_nightingales titled White Padded Room


Padded Room

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Art made for the prompt by [ profile] killabeez in the [ profile] ohsam Triple Play challenge.

The prompt was

1) Abandoned/ruined amusement park
2) John, Dean, Kevin, or Bobby, your choice
3) Truly terrifying/vicious carnivorous clowns, bite wounds

And this is what I came up with. Because apparently clowns kill.

The talented [ profile] tifaching wrote a fic for the prompt to match the art. It's great! Read it here.


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Here is the banner I made for the fic Along Came the Rain written by cece_away.

It's a great hurt!Sam and protective!Dean story with a fab baddie and awesome Cas. It's been rec'd over at spn_littlebro which was where I came across it. I definitely recommend reading it.
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Here is the banner I made for the fic What It Takes written by [ profile] crimzonchyld.
It's a fabulous long WIP and I highly recommend reading it if you like lots of hurt!Sam and awesome big brother Dean. It's currently at 33 chapters and I can't wait for more!

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