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Despite some really shitty things going on here at the moment, sometimes I love my city SO damn much, AND my crush on Robert Downey Jr just got bigger!

A young Australian sufferer of Cystic Fibrosis asked the Make A Wish Foundation if he could be a superhero for a day. They surpassed all expectations. On Thursday, the foundation, along with the New South Wales police (including the Police Commissioner), set up the most elaborate wish ever granted in Australia, and it was AWESOME! Collected via police helicopter and taken to police command headquarters, nine year old Domenic Pace was asked by Commissioner Scipione to rescue Make A Wish reporter, Hope Joy, from the clutches of an evil group led by supervillain ULTRON.

After Dominic was put into his Ironboy costume, he made his way, flanked by a motorcade of police cars with sirens blaring, to a police launch which sped its way to Clark Island in Sydney Harbour where Ironboy battled with Ultron's henchmen, rescuing the damsel in distress. But there was more to come. Our hero was then escorted to the forecourt of Sydney's iconic Opera House for the ultimate battle. In front of an adoring, sign waving crowd, Ironboy fought more henchmen before going toe to toe with the evil mastermind himself. After defeating his nemesis, saving Hope Joy, and our favourite Opera House, Commissioner Scipione awarded Ironboy the Medal of Valour.

Domenic's wish was also that his brother, Joseph, be included to fight by his side as Colonel Rhodes. Dominic (AKA Ironboy) said that if he had a real superpower it would be to heal. What a gorgeous kid!

Robert Downey Jr took to Youtube as an undercover Tony Stark to pay tribute to our newest superhero, and to make him an honorary Avenger. Could this man be any more loveable?

Photo Credits: ABC News, NSW Police, Twitter/@MakeAWishAust. Video: NSW Police

Epic vid

Sep. 25th, 2015 02:51 pm
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Just a very quick non-SPN related post. I just had to share this because if it doesn't make you smile and dance in your seat, you're dead inside. :D


I miss you all and I can't wait until I get back amongst it all, probably just around Christmas. (((Hugs)))
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Some more fun to get us through Hellatus. I know a lot of you out there are huge fans of The Avengers, and Game of Thrones, so these should give you a good belly laugh. The first video is a bad lip reading of The Avengers as a bunch of trailer trash rednecks, and the second is Game of Thrones as a renaissance fair theme park movie trailer, and they're hilarious! Medieval Fun-time World has been around for a while so you may have already seen it, but The Avengers parody is new.

The work that must have gone into them is amazing. It really does look like it's exactly what is being said. Powdered Sugaaaah! Enjoy!

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Oh Man, I want one of these so bad! Although I fear I would get nothing else done while I played with it endlessly.

Dear Santa...

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