Jan. 2nd, 2015

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I'll be offline for who knows how long. I just got a call from the hospital where mum lives. She's been in a pretty bad car crash. Some idiot who was speeding through a red light ploughed into the side of her car as she was turning. She's conscious but they think, at minimum, she has broken ribs. I won't know any more until I get there.

I'm just trying to organise a flight down which is turning out to be really hard given the time of year. Will update when I know something.
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I finally managed to get a flight and I'm at the airport waiting to board. About 40 minutes ago we got the results of the various X-rays and CT scans. Thankfully her ribs are not broken but she does have a fractured sternum from the seatbelt. She had a very old car so there were no airbags. Apparently she has quite substantial bruising which is only going to worsen over the next three to four days.

She's resting relatively comfortably even though the hospital staff are being dicks about pain relief. She's allergic to codeine and oxycodone makes her violently ill so all they are giving her is acetaminophen which just isn't good enough. I would imagine there must be some other options but they are not giving her any.

Thank you for all of your messages. I'll check in when I can. Boarding has been called so I've gotta go.

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