May. 28th, 2015

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As you all probably know, I attended the All Hell Breaks Loose Convention in Sydney on the weekend. I was so excited when I bought my ticket because I was finally going to meet Jared, and then poor Jared had to cancel due to running himself ragged. It was massively disappointing, but his health and wellbeing is far more important so hopefully he'll make it out to Australia next year.

I've been working on this forever because I'm seriously the slowest person ever to make art. But this is what I was going to take in to have him sign for me if I worked up enough courage without dying of embarrassment. I screwed up his hair and the more I tried, the worse I made it so I just thought to hell with it, it's done. Otherwise I'd fiddle around with it for another month! The original is kind of huge and a much higher resolution because I wanted to have it signed by the man himself and then hang it on my wall. I still might hang it anyway, and if Jared eventually makes his way to Oz then I'll try to get him to sign it, or I might have done another that I like better by then :)

I wanted something really bright and colourful rather than going for realistic tones, but I may have gone a teensy bit overboard with the yellow and made him look jaundiced, lol.

This is the photo I used for his face which I nabbed off Pinterest quite a while ago so I have no idea who the original poster was.

And this is the pic I based the eye colour on because they look freaking amazing in this photo, which is an edit by Wellcometothedarkside on tumblr.

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