Dec. 24th, 2015

reggie11: (Jared xmas)
It's late Christmas Eve in Australia and I thought I'd say a quick hello and wish you all a very merry fudging Christmas just in case tomorrow I get caught up with cooking and then eat myself into a food coma. I haven't been around much this year but I think about you guys all the time, and miss you all so very much, and hope I can be online a lot more often in the new year. I hope you all have lots of lovely plans for a special holiday with your family and/or friends because we know family don't end with blood. It's just Mum and I again this year, but hey, I'm saving a fortune on pressies!

One of my favourite things about Christmas is giving gifts, and as I'm away from most of my buddies we aren't exchanging any gifts this year. But I found this wonderful charity called Share The Dignity who are having a campaign for homeless women called 'It's in the Bag'. The campaign asks that you donate one of your handbags that's in good condition and fill it with items that might be appreciated by someone living rough. Mum and I used the biggest bags we had and then had a great time shopping so we could stuff them with shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, soaps, tampons, toothpaste, toothbrushes, wet wipes, skin lotion, hand cream, and a few makeup items. It felt great, but what felt even better was when we dropped them off at only one of many dropoff points, the place was absolutely brimming with overflowing bags! It was fantastic to see so many people getting involved. This year I donated to the girls; a few years ago I donated a sleeping bag to a young guy who was living rough near the train station. Next year I'll focus again on children. We also went and bought toys for a little boy we know who is in foster care and who has had the suckiest life for all of his eight years on earth. Unfortunately, his carers aren't that great either and treat him very differently from their own children. Nobody in authority will do anything about it because he is with extended family, and as far as they're concerned he is being fed and clothed and that's all that's needed. Poor kid utterly breaks my heart, I'd take him in a heartbeat if I was legally able to. At least we've made sure that he'll be getting something fun to play with this year. I was feeling pretty bah humbug a few weeks ago, but now I'm really feeling the Christmas spirit!

I really wanted to send out Christmas cards this year and even had some printed, but they arrived so late it was pointless trying to send any overseas. At least they're ready for next year, lol!

I wrote a little SPN Christmas carol to print in the cards but as the cards are here instead of being delivered into everybody's mailboxes, I'll post it here. I know similar ones have been done before, but what the hell. Sung to Deck the Halls:

Wishing the merriest of Christmas to all. Sending out big J2 hugs!!

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