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2016-06-26 11:16 pm
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SPN cast rolling in money. Video and screencaps.

I had to post this "short film" that Misha posted to his Facebook account earlier today to celebrate Canada's new five dollar bill. It was just so cute that I made a few screencaps, too.

Fanfic anyone?

More pics under the cut.

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2016-06-23 10:31 pm

Interviews with J2 at the Saturn Awards

Hi all! Long time no see. Sorry I've been so absent, but I'm going to be trying to catch up with friends who I really owe emails and messages to over the next couple of days. (You know who you are, and I'm really very sorry I've been such a crappy friend!)

Here are a few interviews with the boys from the Saturn Awards red carpet and backstage. Both guys are so sweet, and even though one of the the interviewers is a little on the annoying side, the interviews themselves are really interesting. Plus, they both look so hot!  I thought it might be good to put them together all in one place  for you guys to watch and most are short enough to be good coffee break viewing.

Videos four and six are basically filming their photo ops.

Credits: Videos 1 and 2 - Cassidy Gard, Video 3 and 4 - World Monitor TV, Video 5 - Rikki Ren, Video 6 - MaximoTV
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2016-02-13 10:09 pm

Robert Downey Jr, Make A Wish Foundation, and Ironboy.

Despite some really shitty things going on here at the moment, sometimes I love my city SO damn much, AND my crush on Robert Downey Jr just got bigger!

A young Australian sufferer of Cystic Fibrosis asked the Make A Wish Foundation if he could be a superhero for a day. They surpassed all expectations. On Thursday, the foundation, along with the New South Wales police (including the Police Commissioner), set up the most elaborate wish ever granted in Australia, and it was AWESOME! Collected via police helicopter and taken to police command headquarters, nine year old Domenic Pace was asked by Commissioner Scipione to rescue Make A Wish reporter, Hope Joy, from the clutches of an evil group led by supervillain ULTRON.

After Dominic was put into his Ironboy costume, he made his way, flanked by a motorcade of police cars with sirens blaring, to a police launch which sped its way to Clark Island in Sydney Harbour where Ironboy battled with Ultron's henchmen, rescuing the damsel in distress. But there was more to come. Our hero was then escorted to the forecourt of Sydney's iconic Opera House for the ultimate battle. In front of an adoring, sign waving crowd, Ironboy fought more henchmen before going toe to toe with the evil mastermind himself. After defeating his nemesis, saving Hope Joy, and our favourite Opera House, Commissioner Scipione awarded Ironboy the Medal of Valour.

Domenic's wish was also that his brother, Joseph, be included to fight by his side as Colonel Rhodes. Dominic (AKA Ironboy) said that if he had a real superpower it would be to heal. What a gorgeous kid!

Robert Downey Jr took to Youtube as an undercover Tony Stark to pay tribute to our newest superhero, and to make him an honorary Avenger. Could this man be any more loveable?

Photo Credits: ABC News, NSW Police, Twitter/@MakeAWishAust. Video: NSW Police

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2015-12-24 11:19 pm
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Merry Fudging Christmas!

It's late Christmas Eve in Australia and I thought I'd say a quick hello and wish you all a very merry fudging Christmas just in case tomorrow I get caught up with cooking and then eat myself into a food coma. I haven't been around much this year but I think about you guys all the time, and miss you all so very much, and hope I can be online a lot more often in the new year. I hope you all have lots of lovely plans for a special holiday with your family and/or friends because we know family don't end with blood. It's just Mum and I again this year, but hey, I'm saving a fortune on pressies!

One of my favourite things about Christmas is giving gifts, and as I'm away from most of my buddies we aren't exchanging any gifts this year. But I found this wonderful charity called Share The Dignity who are having a campaign for homeless women called 'It's in the Bag'. The campaign asks that you donate one of your handbags that's in good condition and fill it with items that might be appreciated by someone living rough. Mum and I used the biggest bags we had and then had a great time shopping so we could stuff them with shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, soaps, tampons, toothpaste, toothbrushes, wet wipes, skin lotion, hand cream, and a few makeup items. It felt great, but what felt even better was when we dropped them off at only one of many dropoff points, the place was absolutely brimming with overflowing bags! It was fantastic to see so many people getting involved. This year I donated to the girls; a few years ago I donated a sleeping bag to a young guy who was living rough near the train station. Next year I'll focus again on children. We also went and bought toys for a little boy we know who is in foster care and who has had the suckiest life for all of his eight years on earth. Unfortunately, his carers aren't that great either and treat him very differently from their own children. Nobody in authority will do anything about it because he is with extended family, and as far as they're concerned he is being fed and clothed and that's all that's needed. Poor kid utterly breaks my heart, I'd take him in a heartbeat if I was legally able to. At least we've made sure that he'll be getting something fun to play with this year. I was feeling pretty bah humbug a few weeks ago, but now I'm really feeling the Christmas spirit!

I really wanted to send out Christmas cards this year and even had some printed, but they arrived so late it was pointless trying to send any overseas. At least they're ready for next year, lol!

I wrote a little SPN Christmas carol to print in the cards but as the cards are here instead of being delivered into everybody's mailboxes, I'll post it here. I know similar ones have been done before, but what the hell. Sung to Deck the Halls:

Wishing the merriest of Christmas to all. Sending out big J2 hugs!!

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2015-11-14 02:03 pm
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Paris. Embassy numbers and how to check people marked safe on Facebook.

What has happened in Paris makes me heartsick. To everyone there, and to all those who have loved ones in France, my heart goes out to you. Below I have posted numbers for embassies of various countries if you have concerns for someone's safety. If you're looking on Facebook for the status of friends who might be in Paris, head to the Safety Check page on your Facebook account. The page will list your friends who last checked in around Paris and give you a running tally of who is marked safe.

To my French flisties, words cannot express the grief I feel for what you are suffering. Much love.

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2015-09-29 12:45 am

Blonde Jared

I was just having a quick peek at some of the [ profile] spn_masquerade fills and there was an awesome art fill for a prompt where they drew Jared as a blonde twink stripper (hot!). Run and look here, it's gorgeous!

It made me wonder what he would actually look like as a blonde, so I photoshopped him *g*. I made blonde!Jared and a blonde twink!Jared. The former looks kind of Nordic and the latter had me quoting Zoolander. I might've "borrowed" Cate Blanchett's hair, lol! I seriously need a life.


Eric the Viking and Zoolander *ROFLMAO* He actually looks kind of hot in the first one, but I prefer him with his luscious chestnut locks.
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2015-09-26 05:33 pm


This is undoubtedly my fave con moment ever captured on video. It's an oldie but a goodie, and you've probably seen it before. But it's my go to video whenever I need a laugh. Jared is just so damn adorable here, and the woman that asked this question and her perfect comeback to his answer is priceless.

Is it hot on here? :)

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2015-09-25 02:51 pm
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Epic vid

Just a very quick non-SPN related post. I just had to share this because if it doesn't make you smile and dance in your seat, you're dead inside. :D


I miss you all and I can't wait until I get back amongst it all, probably just around Christmas. (((Hugs)))
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2015-06-01 11:22 pm

Help support Lia in the fight of her life (sylsdarkplace on LJ and AO3, bangingpatchouli on tumblr)

This was originally posted by [ profile] vennstiel over on tumblr. I'm sure many of you have Lia on your flist, or you know of her through her amazing fic and meta contributions. Lia is in the fight of her life, for her life, and needs as much help and support as we can give her. Please donate if you can afford to so, and signal boost the hell out of this. Our donations could make a massive difference, and our support can help her to Always Keep Fighting.

Link for Donations.


Fandom, one of our most devoted members needs our help. Please bear with me as I tell you a little story…

Many of us in the SPN fandom are friends and followers of Lia, aka bangingpatchouli. Chances are you’ve seen her extensive meta cross your dash over the last several years or enjoyed one of her dozens of deep, dark, twisty fics over on her [ profile] sylsdarkplace account on Live Journal or AO3. Or maybe you were a reader of her lighter stuff and Wincest fics on her old Cheebles LJ (now on sylsdarkplace). What you may not know, however, is that she’s started a side blog about her recent breast cancer diagnosis: killertatas.

On April 9th, after a month of testing that included a mammogram, an ultrasound, and a needle biopsy, the doctors told Lia she has invasive carcinoma that is negative for hormone receptors but positive for HER2, which is an aggressive form of cancer. Unfortunately, the cancer has already spread to three lymph nodes, too. In short, it’s serious.

Our friend just completed her first two chemo sessions in May and faces four more chemo sessions every three weeks through August. This fall, she’ll have a radical double mastectomy and eventual reconstruction. And even after all that, she will still have an additional nine months of Herceptin treatment to continue to target the aggressive HER2 cancer and keep it from returning and spreading, as it likes to do. All in all, it’s going to be a long year for her.

Round one of chemo wasn’t so bad – her mouth and muscles hurt and her hair fell out. Her second round last Thursday was another story – she’s in bed exhausted and hurting now, and each treatment is going to be worse than the last. This is not going to be easy, and the fact that she has to keep working and be her family’s only source of income and health insurance during her battle against cancer only makes it harder. And the fact that she has to travel three hours round-trip for all of her doctor’s appointments and treatments and surgeries only makes her fight more expensive. The bills are already starting to pile up, and she’s facing a severe financial crisis to match her health crisis. Health care here in the U.S. is a fiscal disaster, and she needs your help desperately.

Speaking from a strictly personal perspective, when Lia told me about her diagnosis, I was devastated to learn that my dear friend and such a prolific contributor to our fandom was suddenly in a fight for her life at such a young age. I’ll be honest, Lia IS the fandom for me, and I know I’m not alone when I feel and say that, because all of you out there feel the same way about your fandom friends. I know every single one of you has at least one Lia. If they weren’t here or if they went away, none of it would be the same for you. We make this experience for each other, and these are some of our best and closest friendships for many of us. Well, that’s how Lia is for me. I felt immediately helpless and angry to know I was going to have to watch her battle from afar, since we have 1250 miles between us – and I know all of you can relate to the pain and frustration of the distance that usually comes with online friendships. The internet is a double-edged sword that way; it introduces us to soulmates we often will never get to touch – or only get to touch for short visits and very rarely. Still, it provides us with a way to find each other and the comfort we get from the knowledge that there are other people like us out there. And, thanks to fundraising sites like GoFundMe, it also provides us with a way to help and support each other even from a world away.

I quickly got sick of feeling helpless about my friend’s cancer and realized that I don’t have to and neither does Lia, because she has the SPNFamily behind her, and we all know that this family comes running when one of us needs help. I’ve seen y’all do some truly amazing things on each other’s behalves, and I’m praying y’all can do it again now. I know that this fandom can move mountains, and so I’m asking – begging – for your help to move a mountain for one of our own right now. I don’t have a huge fiscal goal for this fundraiser – even if it just helps with gas and meals when they travel to treatments or provides something to offset the cost of wigs or prescriptions. Money to help Lia and her husband get a hotel room if she’s too sick to travel home from chemo or if her husband needs a place to stay while he’s down there with her for her surgery would be great. My personal goal is enough financial assistance for her to get a massage after her chemo treatments to help with pain and lower her stress hormones, since cancer feeds on stress. She’s having a lot of muscle pain, and the drugs they’ve given her for it make her sick and tired on top of being sick and tired. I don’t think she’s ever had a massage, and they really help with anxiety and healing. It’s important that she be able to relax and rest as much as possible – which is difficult when you’re the breadwinner. We might be able to help her do that and beat this thing. And Chuck knows, if we’re able to go above and beyond to help pay her mounting medical bills, even better! I would not be surprised if y’all really come through and make that happen.

Lia’s a fighter, but she’s already really feeling the financial pinch after just two chemo treatments, and she has a long row to hoe ahead of her. I have to be honest – I don’t know how they’re going to make it if we don’t help, and so I’m asking you to rally behind her. I also think she needs to feel like people care and are in this fight with her. She’s given so much to this community, and she really needs it to give back to help her always keep fighting. She has love and support in her real life, but we need to do it here, too – and with our large numbers, we have the capacity to make the biggest difference for her. Small donations really add up fast. Even donations of $5 and a quick reblog letting your followers know that you gave and urging them to do the same will mean SO much. Enough folks contributing and sharing in any way that is comfortable for them will really add up to pay for meals, gas, meds, bills, and lots of little things that are just nickel-and-diming Lia to death. Literally. After five years with us, she is a cornerstone of this fandom and one of my best friends. I – we – just can’t lose her. Please, PLEASE help me help her. Click the link at the top of this post or go to

Every little bit helps. You have the power to change and even save a life. Please donate what you can. Reblog the link and post it on your Twitter or LJ or any other social media you use. And please follow Lia’s fight at killertatas. Spread the word far and wide and help our sister kick the shit out of cancer, SPNFamily!
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2015-05-31 09:55 pm
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No I don't have my bestest wig on

Some more fun to get us through Hellatus. I know a lot of you out there are huge fans of The Avengers, and Game of Thrones, so these should give you a good belly laugh. The first video is a bad lip reading of The Avengers as a bunch of trailer trash rednecks, and the second is Game of Thrones as a renaissance fair theme park movie trailer, and they're hilarious! Medieval Fun-time World has been around for a while so you may have already seen it, but The Avengers parody is new.

The work that must have gone into them is amazing. It really does look like it's exactly what is being said. Powdered Sugaaaah! Enjoy!

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2015-05-31 04:51 pm

You think you're so punny...

I was thinking of Jared, our normally smiley, fun filled guy, having such a tough time at the moment. It does illustrate the fact that even the happiest and sunniest of personalities can suffer depression, or just plain get worn down. So, I thought I'd make a puntastic post on the many faces of Jared, using his surname as a guide. And then Jensen popped into my head and said, "Hey dude, I have a punny surname too, thank you very much."  So Jensen got in on the act as well.

If you're having a bad day, I hope this makes you smile. If you're having a good day, I hope it makes you smile harder. Beware, they are really groan-worthy puns. Without futher ado, here's that Padaleski dude and his his pal Jensen. And remember kids, Always Keep Fighting!

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2015-05-28 12:46 am
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I can't stop drawing Jared

As you all probably know, I attended the All Hell Breaks Loose Convention in Sydney on the weekend. I was so excited when I bought my ticket because I was finally going to meet Jared, and then poor Jared had to cancel due to running himself ragged. It was massively disappointing, but his health and wellbeing is far more important so hopefully he'll make it out to Australia next year.

I've been working on this forever because I'm seriously the slowest person ever to make art. But this is what I was going to take in to have him sign for me if I worked up enough courage without dying of embarrassment. I screwed up his hair and the more I tried, the worse I made it so I just thought to hell with it, it's done. Otherwise I'd fiddle around with it for another month! The original is kind of huge and a much higher resolution because I wanted to have it signed by the man himself and then hang it on my wall. I still might hang it anyway, and if Jared eventually makes his way to Oz then I'll try to get him to sign it, or I might have done another that I like better by then :)

I wanted something really bright and colourful rather than going for realistic tones, but I may have gone a teensy bit overboard with the yellow and made him look jaundiced, lol.

This is the photo I used for his face which I nabbed off Pinterest quite a while ago so I have no idea who the original poster was.

And this is the pic I based the eye colour on because they look freaking amazing in this photo, which is an edit by Wellcometothedarkside on tumblr.
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2015-05-27 12:56 pm

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - AHBL VI Sydney

Well, I finally got to attend my first Supernatural convention and I have mixed feelings about it. Parts of it were fabulous! The panels, seeing the actors in the flesh, and meeting other fans and LJ friends was a big highlight,  and definitely the good. But, and there is a big Kardashian size but, there were so many bad things about the way the con was organised that it really put a damper on the day for me. I'll start with the good so you don't have to read through my complaints if you don't want to because, I'm going to have a bitch and moan of epic proportions - yes I will have some cheese with my whine thanks. I couldn't post before now because I have been paying for my big day out in spades. I barely left my bed yesterday. Ouch.

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2015-04-20 06:54 pm
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They say it's your birthday!

A huge happy birthday to someone I'm very proud to call my friend, the gorgeous [ profile] meus_venator. I love you BB! I'm sorry your gift(s) will be late this year, but consider this an IOU. In the works is a sequel to last year's gift fic It's Always the Quiet Ones, aaaaand also a little surprise that may or may not involve your favourite black eyed Winchester ;)

Have a fabulous day, beautiful!

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2015-04-09 03:36 pm


Title: Insects
Rating: PG13
Genre: Gen, Wee!chester, fluff, a smidge of angst
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John Winchester
Word count: 2230
Disclaimer: Characters belong to the creators of Supernatural, only the story is mine. No profit is being made and no copyright infringement intended.
Beta: The wonderful [ profile] cherie_morte. Thank you, honey!

Authors Notes: I wrote this little ficlet many months ago as a gift for [ profile] electricmonk333 and then with all of the crap happening in my life, I forgot to post it! I was looking for something on my laptop and stumbled across it. I'm sorry it took me so long to post it, Shafaeli. I'm so glad to hear you're finally home! I hope this little bit of fluff puts a smile on your face. Forgive me for the angst that crept in, I can't seem to help myself ;)
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2015-02-23 04:57 pm


As most of you know, I've been in another city looking after my mother after a car accident. I've just returned home after seven weeks to attend a doctor's appointment and to pick up more clothing only to find my front door has been kicked in, the frame smashed to pieces, and plaster all over the floor...and a police attendance card sitting on my kitchen table! Nothing is missing that I can see and I'm waiting for the cops to call me back to tell me what the hell happened. Whatever it was, it happened on the 16th.

I don't appear to have been robbed. My 50 inch flat screen TV, my DVR, iPod, tablet, and valuables are all where they should be so I'm baffled. I can't even imagine. Faaaark, on top of everything else I'm now going to have to see if the building insurance will cover the damage (which I hope it does because I don't have any money to pay for it), and I don't have the time to get everything repaired as I have to be back in Canberra tomorrow night. Mum's house move is looming and I have to pack up her entire house! I can't for the life of me understand why my landlord wasn't informed so they could contact me.

I swear I'm cursed. I thought the Winchesters had bad luck but I think I'd give them a run for their money. I think I'm going to cry now.

UPDATE: Apparently there was a very nasty and disturbing smell in the building, and my neighbours, who know I'm ill and who hadn't seen me or my cat in weeks, thought I'd snuffed it inside my apartment and called the cops. The cops broke the door down expecting to find me decomposing in my bed!! They didn't find the source of the smell that was permeating the halls and think maybe a rat died in the crawlspace under the building. My life is one step away from being the plotline of a D grade comedy movie.
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2015-02-13 10:00 am

Kindred: The D'vine Prophecy - Reverse Bang Masterpost

Title: Kindred: The D'vine Prophecy
For: [ profile] spn_reversebang
Artist: [ profile] dollarformyname
Author: [ profile] reggie11
Word Count: Approx 14,700
Rating: M for adult themes
Warning: Non explicit references to sexual assault, and war.
Pairing: (Main) Jared/Jensen, (Secondary) Genevieve/Danneel
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. The actors' personas are being used for playing the roles of characters in my imagination and bears no resemblance to real life. No offence is intended and no money is being made. The story and all original characters belong to me. Do not reproduce, repost, or archive without my express permission.
Summary: The Sacred Tree and the Lake which sustains it are the most important things of all within the Kingdom of Lux. The Tree is the reason the land is so fertile. The Tree is the reason the crops never fail. The Tree is the reason that faerie magic is the strongest of all. The Lake is the lifeblood of the Tree, and the lifeblood of their race. When centuries of peace is under threat, an ancient prophecy foretells the fate of the kingdom will lie on the tiny shoulders of two young Fae. When J'red, along with his Amazon warrior allies and best friends, Gen'vieve and D'neel, rescue Jens'n from a Goblin attack, neither faerie has any idea of how much their lives are about to change.

Author's Notes: I was insanely excited to participate in my first Reverse Bang, even moreso when I managed to snag the beautiful art submitted by the incredibly talented [ profile] dollarformyname. I had an epic story planned and mapped out, and then real life slammed me with a couple of pretty huge personal crises, including my mother being quite badly injured in a car wreck and needing me to take care of her. Needless to say, the fic got put on the backburner. This isn't the story I wanted to write, but it is part of it. This fic can and does stand alone, but it is also hopefully the beginning of a much bigger work, one that will take the characters on a much darker journey, but that's for another day. This is fantasy, romance, magic and mythical creatures, with a healthy dash of schmoop. I hope my fabulous artist likes what her art inspired. I'm thrilled beyond words at all of the art she provided. She rocks! Go to her art masterpost and shower her with adoring praise, her work is fabulous!!

A huge thank you to my betas [ profile] herminekurotowa and [ profile] fufaraw who had the most ridiculously small turnaround time and came through in spades. I love your faces, ladies! You've improved this fic by a country mile. I've fiddled and tweaked it due to a whopping formatting glitch so any mistakes remaining are solely my own. Also, thanks also goes out to
[ profile] milly_gal, [ profile] meus_venator, and [ profile] firesign10 for all of your support and feedback. PS: I apologise for the lack of porn. I accidentally deleted the smokin' hot sex scene and didn't have time to rewrite it, but...thanks to a suggestion by [ profile] fufaraw, there will be a couple of timestamps. One of which will be the missing love scene :)

Link to art ││ Part One  ││ Part Two

Link to AO3: Coming soon!
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2015-02-09 01:05 am

My kingdom for a speedy RBB beta! A plea for help.

Just a quick hello to let everyone know that I'm still alive and kicking. Things have been kind of stressful to put it mildly and as there is no internet connection at my mum's place, I've had to make do with the broadband that comes with my mobile phone plan - which is not very much. I ran out very quickly while searching for a replacement car for mum and had to wait for the month to tick over. Plus, her house seems to be in a mobile phone black hole, so service is really spotty.

Is there anyone out there that might be able to help me out with a quick and dirty beta? The fic is around 15,000 words and posting is on the 12th!! I know this is a ridiculously short turnaround but I'm hoping against hope that someone can help me out, I really don't want to let my wonderful artist down. It's a fantasy J2 with the boys as fairies. The fic stands on its own but it will be part of a much longer story which will become much, much darker. The story I'm posting for the RBB has some violence, talk of war, M/M sex, magic, romance, prophecies, Amazon warriors and mythical creatures and races. I'll rate it NC17 just to be on the safe side. Please shoot me a message if you are interested. I'll be forever in your debt!

Mum is still not great but is doing a lot better. She has to move out of the house on the 17th of March and neither of us in any condition to pack her up and move so I'm still trying to organise that side of things but at least she now officially has a new house to move into as I handed over the deposit cheque two weeks ago. I also found her a car and we now have wheels so it's not all doom and gloom.

I appreciate all of the support that has been sent our way, I feel really blessed to have so many lovely people on my flist. Thank you, I love you all to bits. My inbox runneth over and I'll be slowly but surely replying to all of the messages and emails I've received as soon as I can. For the next few days I'll be busy getting my RBB fic ready to post as I've had almost zero time to spend on it up until now. I've kinda gotten sick from pushing myself to hard so I've been forced to slow down. I'm taking the opportunity to finish the fic.

I'll resurface again after posting in a few days. I've missed you all.